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2018 Shengjia Year-end Dinner

View:     Time: 2019-1-21 0:22:42

Shengjia company held 2018 year-end dinner party on 17th Jan 2019, our party have lot of prize, including 1 set of 65”color TV,  3 set of four-door refrigerators, 6 set of washing machines, 10 gold necklaces and lot of  household appliances.

2018 Shengjia Year-end Dinner 1.jpg

In the party , there are many lively performances. For example, the lion dance , our sales team also have a dance performance, although our dance is not professional, but also gained a lot of applause, enjoy happy time together with Shengjia family is most important.

2018 Shengjia Year-end Dinner 2.jpg

All member of our company got prize, what a wonderful night! On behalf of our company, I would like to express our sincere thanks for your always support, beacause of your support push forward our company develop better and better. In 2019, we will serve you well than before, welcome to give us any advise to improve our technology or service, hope our cooperation in 2019 will reach a new high!


Here I'd like to share our photos in party with you as below.

2018 Shengjia Year-end Dinner 3.jpg