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The two different materials used for metal clip

View:     Time: 2017-12-19 18:22:20

    Everybody knows the metal clip material is stainless steel, but they are two kinds of stainless steel, SUS301 and SUS304. Some customers will ask the difference between them.They ask what material Shengjia used for metal clip, why you use this material. Today you can follow this article to find out the difference between SUS301 and SUS304.

   SUS301, Cr composition is lower than SUS304, with worse corrosion resistance.But after cold stamping, it will with good elasticity, so it’s widely used on EMI. The commonly used thickness is 0.4T to 0.7T.


   The series must be specified in order to meet the design requirements (such as elasticity, strength). It is necessary to note that the 301 materials have metallic crystally. The higher of the grade, the harder and more brittle it will be. If it is not noticed, the corner and side wall cracks are easily caused.

   SUS304 is a kind of most used stainless steel.Due to contains Ni, it with higher corrosion resistance and heat resistance than Cr steel, and with low temperature strength, so it with very good mechanical characteristics,the processing hardening is very large, it not hardened during the heating treatment is not hardened, non-magnetic, strength is good, less elastic, the commonly used thickness is 0.4T to 1.0T. The series must be specified in order to meet the design requirements.It's better to take 3/4H.