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The importance of metal terminals

View:     Time: 2017-12-18 17:34:42

     Metal terminal is an important component in the electrical industry. It plays an irreplaceable role, which cannot be ignored.Because engineering technician is in overhaul first also from the interface, start from the terminal, so the design of terminal is particularly important.

    The design of terminal is a comprehensive design of product standard, material, structure, electroplating, certification, mould and manufacturing process. Iron terminals are no exception. Stainless steel terminal with good performance of resistance of high temperature, it’s a common used terminal under the high temperature condition.

    In order to facilitate the connection of the wire, the metal terminal is actually a piece of metal sealed in the insulating plastic, with holes in both ends to insert the conductor.Screws are used to tighten or loosen.

    For example, two wires, sometimes need to be connected, sometimes need to be disconnected, the terminals can be connected, and can be disconnected at any time, they don’t need be welded or wounded together, it’s very convenient.