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The basic knowledge of nickel plating

View:     Time: 2017-12-15 17:08:06

    The surface finish for metal terminal is mainly with nickel plating and tin plating. This article is mainly talking about the nickel plating.

    Nickel plating is a method coat a layer of nickel on metal or some nonmetal by electrolysis or chemical way. 

   There are two kinds of nickel plating, electrolysis nickel plating and chemical nickel plating. Electrolysis nickel plating, in the nickel salt (according to the main salt), conductive salt, pH buffer, wetting agent of electrolyte, positive pole with metal nickel, cathode for plating part, with direct current (dc), form a compact and uniform layer of nickel plating on the cathode (plating part).

   Chemical nickel plating is also called electroless plating,or autocatalytic plating.The specific process is: under certain conditions, the metal ions in aqueous solution are reduced by reductant and precipitated into the surface of solid matrix. In ASTM B374, the Autocatalytic plating is defined"deposition of a metallic coating by a controlled chemical reduction that is catalyzed by the metal or alloy being deposited"