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stamping processing common problems and solutions

View:     Time: 2017-12-14 19:47:38

    Under the basic condition that satisfy customer's requirements, metal stamping processing undertake its high-speed production tasks, people, things, objects, management and so on all sorts of differences and change, lead to many technical barriers.

    As the stamping team's experience accumulated, the serious and easy happening issues should be mastered and controlled basically, this article is aiming at common problems and solutions in stamping production, summarized as below:

    (1)Adhesion & scratches: the appearance of the material in the making or die surface due to friction with the punch or die;

    (2)Burr: mainly occurs in the shear mode and the blanking die, the gap between the cutting edge or the big or the hour can produce burr;

    (3)Line deviation: when the making part is formed, the part that first touches the mold is extruded and formed a line;

    (4)Convex concave: there is foreign material(scrap, rubber, dust) mixed in coil feed line, caused convex concave.